Niagara County Foster Care Agencies

Foster Care Agencies in New York State

Hillside Children’s Center Niagara

Services Provided: Multi-service agency based in Rochester, NY providing long-term and short term therapeutic foster care services in 20 NYS counties. Pre-certification training and home study takes 3-6 months. Emphasis placed on working with birth families. Foster families receive weekly visits from FP support team, 24 hour on-call support and respite services. Also provides infant, international, and special needs adoptions services.

New Directions Youth & Family Services

Services Provided: Provides a temporary, supportive environment for children who either have no family resources, or who for a variety of reasons, cannot live with their birth families. During their time with us, we identify and prepare a permanent home for children freed for adoption or help birth families heal and develop a safe, nurturing environment to which their children can return. Provide therapeutic and regular foster care services. As a foster parent, you have a uniquely rewarding opportunity to support a child in need of nurturing, love, guidance and compassion and may also help to reunify a family experiencing a difficult time. The steps to become a foster parent include: Calling the intake coordinator for additional information, schedule a personal meeting with the coordinator to review your introductory information, complete the MAPP/GPS II training, and participate in the matching process as referrals are made to the program to find the most appropriate child for your home.

Niagara County Department of Social Services

Services Provided: Adoption / foster Care Supervisor. MAPP training held 2X yearly. Orientation session every 4 to 5 wks. Packet sent to inquirers with schedule, application / homestudy process starts at orientation meeting. Works with other nearby counties / agencies to share training, homestudies etc. Need families for children 8+, sibling groups and special needs.

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