Orleans County Foster Care Agencies

Foster Care Agencies in New York State

Hillside Children’s Center Genesee/Orleans

Services Provided: Multi-service agency based in Rochester, NY providing long-term and short term therapeutic foster care services in 20 NYS counties. Pre-certification training and home study takes 3-6 months. Emphasis placed on working with birth families. Foster families receive weekly visits from FP support team, 24 hour on-call support and respite services. Also provides infant, international, and special needs adoptions services.

Orleans County Department of Social Services

Services Provided: The county uses an individual one on one approach to training prospective families depending on the parents need upon initial contact. Homestudy is done once training is completed, Orientation also done on one to one basis and scheduled when parents call to inquire. Prospective families are invited to attend educational offerings for currently certified foster and adoptive families.


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