Westchester County Foster Care Agencies

Foster Care Agencies in New York State

Abbott House

Services Provided: Therapeutic Foster Boarding Home Program (TFBH) provides foster homes for special high-needs children and adolescents birth to 21 years of age. Once you contact Abbott House to become a foster parent, you will be invited to an orientation session which covers foster parenting. You will undergo a screening process which requires a background check, application process, provide medical history and physical exam, home study, and a training process. We also provide group residential services and day programs for developmentally disabled children and adults.

Family Services of Westchester

Services Provided: Therapeutic foster homes for children of all social, economic and ethnic backgrounds, between the ages of 5 and 18. These youth are special – they may have behavioral, social, or emotional problems – but they need homes and support of loving, nurturing foster parents. foster parents receive specialized parent training, support group, respite, and 24 hr on-call and weekly in-home support.

Leake and Watts Services, Inc

Services Provided: Family Foster Care programs provide safe and nurturing homes to over 400 vulnerable children and teens in the Bronx as well as in other New York City boroughs, Westchester County and upstate New York. Our services are dedicated to the growing and changing needs of the children in our care as well as those who support them and include Family Foster Care, Specialized Medical Family Foster Care, Whenever possible, children are placed with relatives or close family connections such as godparents (Kinship Foster Care) to keep children connected to their families and reduce the trauma of sudden placement away from birth parents. Therapeutic Family Foster Care is a family-focused, community-based alternative to residential and institutional care for children who have serious emotional and/or behavioral conditions. Foster parents are given comprehensive training on behavior modification techniques as well as access to a 24-hour support team that assists with crisis intervention.

NAFI Therapeutic Foster Care Programming

Services Provided: NAFI NY provides specialized foster care and therapeutic services to youth with mental health and behavioral issues. While a number of these children have developmental disabilities, many are dealing with the consequences of abuse, neglect and other various traumas. The program uses a wraparound approach to services, with the specially trained foster parents acting as the foundation of the youth’s treatment team. Therapists and case managers work side-by-side with the caregivers to support and provide treatment to the child in care. Each child is engaged a part of their own service planning, in line with NAFI’s philosophy that change happens when individuals are given a voice in their treatment.  NAFI NY’s therapeutic foster parents must complete an intense course of specialized training before being approved as potential foster parents to our consumers. The level of care provided and the skills and commitment shown by these families underscores just how valuable they are to the success of our program. NAFI currently has Therapeutic Foster Care homes in the following areas: Albany County, Clinton County, Columbia County, Orange County and Westchester County.  NAFI-NY’s Therapeutic Foster Care Programming is actively seeking professional foster parents, mentors, and volunteers. See website for online application and details of support provided to agency foster parents.

New Alternatives for Children, Inc

Services Provided: NAC is in need of mature, committed adults residing in NYC, Long Island and Weschester to become foster parents for children with medical needs. Weekly daytime and evening Foster Parent orientations available. NAC has consistently been rated as one of the best foster care agencies in the state and is the only agency in NYS that exclusively serves children with medical needs. Services include 24 hour access to staff, on-site medical, mental health, & transportation services; and one-on-one training with medical staff.

Westchester County Department of Social Services

Services Provided: Prospective Foster Care Families should call the United Way at 211 or (800) 899-1479 or submit an online form. A United Way’s 211 Representative will call them back with more information. Foster parents are needed to provide temporary homes for brothers and sisters being placed together, for babies, and for children 10 years and older. Family Ties of Westchester, Inc. provides MAPP training & certification; and inservice training and support services to Westchester County foster parents.

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