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Adoption 101: An adoption awareness curriculum from the North American Council on Adoptable Children to help adoptive parent group leaders and others train child welfare, medical, legal, education, and mental health professionals, and others  to be more responsive to the needs of adopted children and to work more effectively with their families.

Adoption Basics for Educators: A brochure developed by the Iowa Foster and Adoptive Parent Association to provide educators with basic information about adoption-related issues and the effect these issues might have on students, as well as suggestions on how educators can assist and advocate for students who are adopted. .

Adoption and School Issues: A Child Welfare Information Gateway Family Factsheet that addresses how adoption affects children of different ages, examines educational problems common to adopted children and suggests way to help parents and teachers to work together.

Adoption and the Schools: Resources for Parents and Teachers: A Families Adopting In Response resource manual written to help parents and teachers increase adoption awareness and sensitivity in the school community. Contributors include experienced parents, professionals, and the students themselves. $30.00 a copy plus $5.00 handling and shipping.

Back to School Guide for Special Needs Families: From One Place for Special Needs, articles for parents, teacher resources, visual supports and more specific to students with disabilities.

Communication Tip Sheet: Tips to make home and school communication go smoother developed by Parent to Parent of NYS.  home_school_communication ptopnys 2011

NYS Special Education Parent Centers: Regional centers providing parents of children with information regarding the special education process (referrals, individual evaluations, individualized program development, and transition planning) and resources to promote meaningful involvement in their child’s education programs.  Explore other NYS Department of Education resources, including complete NYS special education regulations at

NYS School Bus Transporters – PJ’s Law: As of July 1, 2009, NYS School Bus transporters are mandated under PJ’s Law to train staff in disability awareness. The State Education Dept has provided this training curriculum for School Bus Driver Instructors (SBDIs).

Parent Advocacy for Children with Special Needs: A collection of excellent articles from to help you navigate the education system and advocate more effectively with your child’s teacher.

Ready to Succeed in the Classroom:  Findings from teacher discussion groups on their experiences and aspirations teaching students in the foster cares system.  Includes strategies for welcoming a new student known to be in the foster care system; quick assessments to gauge a student’s level and progress; strategies for engaging families and caregivers of foster children and youth; and general advice for other teachers who have foster children in their classrooms.

Special Education in Plain Language: created and provided by the Special Education Task Force of NYS.

Talking with Teachers: Suggestions from Heart of the Matter for arranging and conducting a private conference with your child’s new teacher at the beginning of the school year.

Working with Schools: An online course available from Foster Parent College that examines problems frequently encountered when working with a child’s school and offers simple, positive guidance to foster parents on developing a working relationship with schools.  Cost is $10.00 per person for 2 hour course, handouts included.

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